Thursday, July 14, 2011

Post Surgery Day Five – Not Much Different

Today was better, at least for my sanity.  After talking with the doctor, my nerves calmed down some.  I’ve noticed the ghosting is fluctuating quite a bit.  I hope that’s a sign that it’s the epithelium layer.  We went out to Don Pablos for dinner and when the ghosting wasn’t in the way, I could make out words written on the other side of the restaurant.  At this point, it’s going to be a waiting game.  Tomorrow (Friday) the bandage contact comes out and initially I’ll probably have some regression, but it should start to smooth out after that. I feel everything except the ghosting is going great.  There is some irritation which is most likely because I’ve been wearing the same contacts for 6 days straight.  Many people notice a cooling feeling when they finally come out.  I woke up this morning (Thurday) to the familiar ghosting. It was comforting that it had shifted, and that if I squint slightly, it can go away some. Come on Friday at 2:30.


Mom said...

Even with normal eyes mornings can be kind of blurry. Maybe as the day progesses you'll clear up a bit more. I know you are ready for tomorrow to get off that bandage. Not much longer. Hugs!

The Boring Runner said...

Just read through all of the posts about the surgery. Hang in there. That form of the surgery is a LOT tougher than others. But, soon you'll be able to see right as rain!