Here is a page dedicated to items and services I have used that I like.  It will include reviews, product links, programs I've tried, etc.  This is always be a work in progress.

Bio-Freeze - My preferred pain relieving gel.
Body Glide - My preferred anti-chafing product. It hasn't worn off too early yet.  

RunningAHEAD - A great site to track your running data.  It's easy to use, has a ton of features, integrates with social sites like Facebook and with the Android GPS app Handy Runner.
Spark People - A great all encompassing website for health.  I mostly use it to tack my nutrition and weight, read articles, and participate in some running forums.  You can also track your exercise here too.

Jeff Galloway Run Walk Method - Integrating structured periodic walks into runs to help with injury prevention and fatigue.  I ran my first marathon as a run/walk and it was a tremendous help.  If you're having foot issues, or looking at distance running, you may want to give run/walking a try.