Thursday, November 18, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Numero Uno:  Good news!  my heal is basically back to it's normal state.  Not healed, but back to only being sore when I first start walking.  I have a Dr. appointment with my GP for tomorrow and going to probably be referred to the practices podiatrist.  The good thing is he's also a sports med doctor so once I get to see him, I'll probably discuss what's needed to ensure I'm injury free during the marathon.  Tonight will be my first run in nearly two weeks.  :)

Numero Dos:  I'm still loving my new car.  I ordered two decals for it and they arrived yesterday, a fire ant and a mosquito.  Yeah, I'm a bug freak, what ya gonna do? :)  Last night we took the family out to this awesome frozen yogurt place  called Ice Berry.  You pay by the ounce and they have a bunch of different toppings to put on it.  This was the first family ride and the kids loved it.

Numero Tres:  Jen is about to start the 30 Day Shred and I'll most likely start it too.  I skimmed the video and it looks like fun, challenging, but fun.  This will put us right up to Christmas. Jen is having surgery and we're going to Oklahoma between Christmas and New Years.  December should be a great time!


M said...

Have fun with the Shred! I did it a few months ago and started referring to Jillian as "The Princess of Darkness" pretty early in :-) But it is well worth it!

teacherwoman said...

Sending positive vibes for your appointment!

I did the 30-day shred last winter and it was a nice change!

James said...

Thanks for the vibes. I still haven't forgotten about your picture painting. Things have gotten in the way and it fell down the priority list. I want to make it good and not rush through it.

Tricia said...

Love the 30DS. Hope you had a great run!

Adam said...

HA! I love the stickers.