Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Relaxing Weekend

This weekend was nice and relaxing.  We saw the new Harry Potter Movie (Awesome!) and other than that it was pretty much sitting around playing with the kiddos. 

Today I finally started back to running.  I was hesitant at first, it’s been two weeks since my last run and only my third run this month.  The hammy I pulled during the Army 10 Miler was great.  Not a peep of pain out of it. My left Achilles tendon was sore.  Nothing major, but enough to notice it.  I only ran 2 miles (technically about 1.9) and It felt great to get back out there.  I’ve got two weeks before I’m officially in marathon training so I’ve got some reconditioning to do between now and then. 

As for the Achilles tendon, I went to the doctor on Friday and he said it could be either bursitis or a bone spur.  He’s leaning towards a bone spur.  I got x-rayed and a referral to the office podiatrist.  I’ll make the appointment tomorrow and hope for the best! 

Tomorrow I should be getting my new car back from the service department.  They’re replacing the lower control arms tomorrow at 1:00 so I hopefully will be picking it up after work!! 

Time for bed so catch ya later!


Jen said...

Just to keep you on track....training starts in ONE WEEK! The 29th! LOL...just trying to be a good support person!

Adam said...

BLEH - hopefully it isn't a bone spur!! Those things are ANNOYING!