Monday, November 15, 2010

On The Mend

I think my foot pain episode is nearly over.  The NSAIDs are finally doing there job and my walking is returning to normal.  I should be back to normal by weeks end.  I'm still planning on seeing the doctor about it.  I'm trying out their online appointment request.  Waiting to get a response.  Most likely he'll refer me to the office podiatrist, which I'll end up waiting several weeks to see because of being a new patient (Jen just went through the same for her plantar fasciitis.

These last few weeks have sucked to go without running.  I can nearly feel my training evaporate away.  Ugg!  I guess the good news is I haven't noticed anything going on with my hammy the last week.  Hopefully it's nice and healed. 

So, I've been thinking that I know what I want for Christmas.... a new body. Anyone care to get me one?  lol   This year's been one roller coaster of a ride healthwise.  How about this:  For my Christmas present, I want to be healthy for all of 2011 and not have any foot issues, running or non-running related.  PLEASE!!!

I did get a new car yesterday. A 2007 Dodge Caliber.  While I was originally thinking of an SUV, after looking at them, I couldn't justify the price and low gas mileage compared to the crossovers.  Basically they same thing minus some headroom really.  With the luck of my trade-in and savings, I was able to walk away with a small loan which should be paid off before nest Summer!  I abhor having a car payment.  Once that is paid off, then Jen's car payment is next on the chopping block.  Getting back to the car, it has the premium options including sunroof, a 6 CD changer and satellite enabled (I really could care less for either as I usually listen to my Walkman), but the best part is that it has Boston Acoustic speakers and even has a built in sub woofer.  Yeah, I'll be ghetto bound with some gangsta rap soon! 

Oh, I was reading through the last of this month's Runner's World and saw the profile page on Scott Bakula.  It was awesome seeing him give a shout out to the Jeff Galloway Run/Walk/Run program!  Way to go Dr. Beckett!! Or should I say Captain Archer?


Lisa said...

injuries and illness happen. don't give up!

Carly said...

I am writing to Santa for the same thing! Good luck with the foot.

Jen said...

oh geez....you are so going to have adjust that ghetto sound when I am riding with you!