Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dr. Visit

Yesterday I took the day off work and went to the doctor. He found there was some fluid behind my ears and decided to treat me for bronchitis and an ear infection.  I was prescribed an antibiotic, cough suppressant, and nasal decongestant.  It;'s good that I'm being treated, but that means I'm still grounded from running.  I had intended to run a Labor Day race, good thing I held of on signing up for it. 

Other news going on in the Runner's Bug household:

  • I bought a new laptop yesterday.  I've been wanting to get one for awhile.  My desktop is aging, and has been having a USB hardware issue for awhile.  I'm also planning to toss out the old desk and get something simple.
  •  Paige Starts Kindergarden tomorrow.  Yesterday she had a meet and greet with her teacher.  She's so excited!
  • Connor is going to a gastroenterologist today to address is lack of weight gain.  He's nearly 2.5 and still wears 6-9 month pants.  He's not sickly looking, but just seems to have stopped growing.
  • Jen has an old friend coming to town tomorrow night with her new baby. I have a feeling I'll have the house to myself this weekend! 
  •  Tuesday I head to Upstate New York for a short work trip.  I've never been up that way, so it should be an interesting trip.
  • Thursday, Fala is getting spade.  We're hoping that will help settle her down.  She's one hyper little dog.


Lisa said...

Get well soon. Eat yogurt or take probiotics with those antibiotics. Just do it.

Antibiotics for strep is what started my daughter down the path that landed her in urgent care 2x in 24 hrs and then in ER before being diagnosed with infection colitis. You don't want to go there....

I think I'm going to buy a new laptop or at least look at them this weekend. Mine is dying

Andrew Opala said...

Good luck on the trip to upstate NY, hope you get well soon to start a well-organized fitness challenge with other runners!

teacherwoman said...

Hope you feel better soon!