Saturday, August 7, 2010

Between Trips Check in

I’m back from the Jamboree and head out to Phoenix on Sunday.  The Jamboree was AWESOME!  Most of my time was spent between our onsite tick pathogen testing lab and assisting the installations pest control division with complaints (mainly yellow jackets, wasps,  and hornets).  The days were long, hot, and tiring, not leaving much energy for running.  Alas, I still haven’t returned to a normal schedule.  Here are a few pics from the jamboree.


My daily obstacle course.  It took forever driving anywhere.


Patch trading is a BIG thing with the scouts


Scouts having fun on the lake (The whole reason we were there!)


The awesome pest management team.  Most of the soldiers were reservists and they did a hell of a good job.


The pest group with our equipment.  It was fun driving the off road vehicles around.


Mass vespid carnage!  With yellow jackets, we removed the nests instead of just spraying them.       


Digging out a yellow jacket nest.  You can’t tell but they were flying all around me and nope, I didn’t get stung once!


This was one huge hole, nearly 4 feet down to get the nest.

On the health front, My last day I came down with a bad cold.  I’ve been fighting it off and trying to recover since then.  Mostly better but tired.  My feet are still bothering me.  I haven’t been incapacitated again, but dull pain continues to bother me.  it seems like it’s deeper in the joints than before.  I don’t know if that’s a good sign or not.  Right now, both big toes are sore and I’m unsure about this next week.  I have a 10K to run a week from now and hopefully I’ll be able to get rid of this pain by then.  I’ve returned to daily use of the NSAIDs to try and push it off.  Once I’m back from phoenix, I will be consulting a podiatrist regarding the best medicine for my gout and going to stick with it.  I think it’s time to give up on the alternative methods and go with the prescription meds. 

I’m looking forward to this week.  The conference isn’t packed full of relevant stuff for me, it’s mostly for military doctors, so I should have some free time to relax and do some things around the city.  A few of my coworkers (Army Captains) and I talked about doing some early morning runs this week.  I really hope I can do them!  

I hope everyone in the Blog O’ Sphere are doing great.  I plan to catch up on everyone this week as I’ll have my laptop with me. 

Catch ya later!


Lisa said...

Best wishes with the gout thing. My husband has bouts of gout and I know it is painful

Jen said...

We will miss you!