Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gout, Tai Chi, and a Treadmill

My conference is going well.  Phoenix is a great town with beautiful scenery and a much slower pace than the Baltimore-Washington area.  My feet were still fairly sore when I got here, so I wasn't sure what my plan was for this week, running-wise. 

On Monday afternoon I attended a 4 hour workshop on Tai Chi, where we learned some basic moves and did a lot of practice.  Right before the workshop started, I was hobbling over to the room, at the end, the pain was nearly gone, and has been gone since then.  When I get back I'm going to have to research it more and maybe find some classes.  From what I understand it is great for blood flow and inflammation.

I've been busy with the conference and visiting with my sister, but last night I hopped on the treadmill and got in 45 minutes.  A SLOW pace, but didn't want to push anything since I haven't run much the last month.  It felt great, but I was sweating like a pig and as read as a tomato when done.  Afterwards I felt awesome!

I plan to get another run in tomorrow morning, then a long day of travel back home.  I get in late and have the River Valley 10K saturday morning.  I hope I can get enough sleep.  It's going to be hard as hell trying to get up early on Saturday after being 3 hours behind. 

My next post will be my 100th!!   Wish me luck on Saturday so I can have a great race report for it! 


Andrew Opala said...

Good luck, nice to see that the gout is getting better. Hope you can find some rest anyway you can.

teacherwoman said...

Love Phoenix! Can't wait to go back, for fun that is! :)

Lisa said...

Have a great race this weekend!

Adam said...

Cool!! Didn't realize you were in the PHX area (because I was not in the area!) Which part were you in?

Glad your feet are feeling better

James said...

Adam, I was downtown at the convention center, but also hungout with my sister. She lives in NE Phoenix off 51 and 101.