Thursday, August 26, 2010

Triple Threat Thursday

1.  Yesterday around lunchtime my left Achilles tendon started to get sore.  It wasn't horrible, but enough to affect my walking.  The Wifey even told me I need to get a handicap sticker for my truck because of all my feet problems.  I didn't have any pain killers with me at work so I wasn't able to take something until about 7:00.  This morning it's gone down a bunch but I took some more Aleve just in case.  I must have over exerted it on my Tuesday run.    Sometimes I feel like Samuel L. Jackson in Unbreakable, minus the god complex. Tonight's Tempo run has been changed to an easy run.  I'm not going to push it!

2.  I sometimes get really fed up with my work computer.  The restrictions they've placed on internet access and administrative rights are ridiculous.  I can't use a flash drive or hook anything else up to it.  I can't access many sites because they are blocked.  Not even flickr or other photo sites.  I like to catch up on blogs during breaks but even that has it's issues.  For some odd reason, certain blog comments are blocked.  Meaning I can read the post, see what people have commented, but the section for me to add a comment is gone.  Makes it frustrating when I see something and want to comment, but have to wait until I get home.  Oh well, at least I have access.

3.  Next week my stepdaughter Paige starts kindergarden.  She's extremely exited and is going to be a great student.  She has a knack for science and wants to study dolphins when she grows up.  I try and teach her all about nature and she loves it.  Heck, when it comes to bugs, she's going to be teaching the teacher!  Tonight we have "New Student Orientation" for her.  We'll get to check out the school and see what it has to offer.  Since it's her last weekend, we're trying to do something special for her.  Maryland Rennaisance Festival starts this weekend. We might hit it up.


Lisa said...

starting kindergarten...how fun!

Andrew Opala said...

So much to do!

The Renaissance Festivals are cool especially when the hawk swoops down on the kids, or a knight lets them hold a sword and they talk about it for the rest of the day.

I'm still struggling with getting the training scanned in. I think the best motivation would be a big tote board with all the competitors and how much they are achieving in the exercise program.

Adam said...

Curious - anything on my blog blocked at work? If not, I'm not doing my job well enough :)

James said...

Adam, your's is fine. It has something to do with the way comments are handled. Different setups are blocked, others aren't.