Thursday, August 19, 2010

Slows As a Tortoise

I just finished running my first speed workout.  It should go without saying, I am whipped and out of shape, but it won't.  I admit it, today's workout kicked my ass.  According to my training schedule I was planning to do 4 x 800's.  After giving it more thought, I had planned to do 6 x 400's as I've always preferred them over the 800's.  However, when I got to the track, the little voice in my head said "It's too hot to be running 400's, why not do 200's and walk the other 200's in between."  Well, that little voice was quite convincing so I ended up running 6 x 200's and walked the in betweens.  The running it's self was rough.  The first few nearly killed me.  Taking a full 2+ minutes just to catch my breath between runs. I know I ran the too fast, more like the 100 yard dash than intervals.

Next week, I have to not let that voice talk me into something less than intended. my training schedule has me at 5 x 800's but since I prefer the shorter sprints, I'm going to change it to 8 x 400's.  I've still let to catch up on everyone's blogs.  We've been cleaning the house like a bunch of mad freaks trying to get the place in order.  Tomorrow I'm off.  I'll try to catch up on everyone. 


teacherwoman said...

I don't think I could ever do 800's... nice work!

James said...

I used to do them once a week for 3 miles worth, back in my former running life before age and health problems set in. Man, did I take for granted how good of shape I was in back then.

Andrew Opala said...

wow ... these are waiting for me after my race ... should I be afraid?

James said...

Andrew, Be afraid... be very afraid! lol Once you become used to speed work it gets easier, but the first few weeks of it is a killer. Also, there's a difference between distance speed work and sprints. Today I had my hand at sprints. My suggestion for you would be the longer distances (400, 800) at an above average pace, not full on sprinting.