Friday, August 27, 2010


While reading other running blogs, I noticed many people have PR's from years ago, often with gaps between their running. I've been wondering what to consider as my PR's.  Listed on my blog are PR's for races I've done since starting the blog, yet these are not my lifetime PR's.  16-17 years ago, I was a cross country runner and spent two years running on a high school team.  My 5K PR for that time is, if memory serves, 21:12.  Now there is no way in hell I'm going to even come close to that time.  I also had a few brief stints as a runner throughout my 20's where I ran several 5K's.  These times too are much faster than I am now, and will likely never be that fast again.  Therefore, I decided to post PR's for different stages in my life.  They're now on the left under "Upcoming Races"


Andrew Opala said...

cool idea - I have no PRs so I will set them whenever I race!

About motivation: I'm checking out some sites where you can do workouts and post a lot of variables and then compare yourself with others - sort of like all the running tracking sites ... the idea would be to have a "virtual workout race" and then everyone would work toward their goals. ... anyway just an idea

James said...

Sounds interesting. Any sites you'd recommend yet?

Lisa said...

I'm starting to think about maybe keeping track of my own "age group" PRs.

Paul said...

You can also 'age grade' your PRs which calibrates them all to the same age (25).

Try this one:

I think age grading is cool... More and more races (such as SF Marathon) show placements with age grading of the times.