Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finally Broke the Streak

Last night I finally was able to get a run in.  Be it only 2.6 miles, but it felt great!  My foot was feeling mostly better on Saturday and I planned to hit the NCR Trail on Sunday, but woke up to a rough case of diarrhea so there was no way I was heading out with that kind of issue.  Since it had been two weeks since my last run I figured I'd better take it slow and easy.  Fala-Bala our little dog came along for the ride.  In the past she's done great on runs, but not this time.  Before I got home, while Paige was walking her she had a run in with a neighbor dog and it must have scared her.  She was jumpy!  Then, about 1 mile in, we came across a man walking some sort of lab mix.  The dog wasn't aggressive but was wanting to sniff her. Boy, did she flip out.  I ended up having to pick her up by the leash.  After that, it was down hill.  She jumped at every car, person, or sound that came along.  As for me, the run wasn't bad.  I did a 2/1 run/walk at a slow pace.  Well, it started out slow but as soon as Fala realized we were headed back home, she did not want to stop. The run went well, and I felt great afterward. And the best part was no relapse on the inflammation!  

So now it's time to resume our regularly scheduled program!

EDIT:  I just registered for a 10K on August 15th.  This will be the day after I return from Phoenix.  More of an incentive to run the next two weeks.


Lisa said...

GLad you are running again. As much as I love walking with my dogs, I cannot run with them. You just never know how they will react on any given day

Jen said...

Good job, babe

Anonymous said...

Excellent! It's a great move to register for an upcoming race. With all the problems you've been facing recently, it will be a good thing to focus on.

Your poor puppy though... I used to have a dog that was scared of EVERYTHING. We couldn't even take her on walks, no joke. The few times we tried she'd dive under parked cars to hide, or worse break away and run home - sometimes across scarily busy streets. On returning to the house after one of those occasions where she broke off her leash, we found her cowering behind the garbage can in the driveway with bloody paws from running home so furiously. That was her last walk. It's a good thing she liked to play ball, otherwise she would have been a very chubby puppy. :)

James said...

I'm hoping she'll get back to her normal self. I think she was just still shaken up from the first doggy run in. I wasn't there so I don't know how intense it got.

Annie said...

Are you planning to go for some runs while you're in Phoenix? EARLY morning would be best if outside. You may want to just stick to the treadmill though---I know you hate them, but it's so hot here in the desert. It depends on what time you can go.

Hope Fala starts warming up to being around the other dogs.

Jen said...

She is usually okay around other dogs---she even has a best girlfriend named "Maggie" who she does crazy over.