Monday, May 9, 2011

A Sprinting We Will Go

After work today I headed over to the track for a quick speed session.  I intended to do a lap warm up, 8 half lap sprints, and a lap cool down for a total of 1.5 miles.  Unfortunately, I blew my energy out on the first sprint and ended up cutting the number of sprints in half.  Other than that, it went pretty well.  I carried my android phone running Handy Runner and tracked the workout.  Here is a graph of my pace:


As you can see, I had a nice warm up lap, then did some short stretching.  The first sprint was too fast at around a 5 min/mile pace. The next three were fairly consistent though.  My cool down consisted of a walked half lap then a light jog to finish it up. 

Next week I plan to repeat this and hopefully make it to eight sprints, or at least six.  We’ll see.

Don’t you just love technology?  Being able to review my effort is so cool!

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Jamie said...

That's a very cool app! So you can get it on an android phone?