Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bloomin’ 5K Race Report

adc6f6a7cb1c5e1ed9b6d0a03ba6d0f9 I PRed!  by 3:31 at that!  The race was a local 5K similar to the Pikesville 5K I ran last year.  It was only about 10 minutes from the house, in a business park.  Jen and the kids came and cheered me on. Pre-race wasn’t much to talk about.  I was unable to pick up the packet last night, so I grabbed it first thing.  The shirt is a tech t and looks pretty cool.  A warm up Zomba  workout took place, and no, I did not participate.  I’m not into that sort of thing.  While lining up, we sighted this older Asian guy that has been at almost every local race I’ve run.  He’s in his 60s, and is fast.  Always getting a medal.  He must race every weekend! 


The course was decent, a big “P” shaped out and back with loop at the end.  Paved road the entire time.  The first mile was some long rolling hills.  I was unsure of my pace until this point.  I tend to start out too fast.  Coming into mile one I was at a 9:08, right about where I wanted.  Directly after the mile mark, the course turned, and headed down hill, great!  I picked it up and was flying down the  hill. Of course, what goes down, must come up and there were some rather steep inclines through the second mile.  I stopped and walked the water break, then took back off.  Another long gradual hill before turning back towards the finish.  Coming into the last .5 miles I was doing great.  I started picking it up.  Several finishers were walking back cheering us on, something I think is great.  I need to make more of an effort of cheering on those still out there after I’ve finished.  I hit the 3.0 mark and started kicking.  A short loop around I was done.  28:55 (3.15 miles by my GPS, must be my weaving).  I grabbed a water and met the family. 

The post race celebration was fairly nice.  Fresh griddled pancakes, smoothies, and other goodies on top of the typical fruit and granola bars.  We sat around, listening to the winners by a rather annoyingly exuberant announcer, and the more than 30 door prices.  None of which did I win.  Oh well.  After that we headed home. 

It was a fun race. Not too crowded, well run, and nice weather.

In other news, the Wifey has joined a training group for the Baltimore Womens Classic 5K.  She’s torn between walking and run/walking at this point. Good luck babe!

Does your significant other run too?  If so, do you run together?


Unknown said...

WooHooo!! well done!!

yes, my significant other runs. we only run together on half marathons. Otherwise he runs much faster than I do, so we train and race separately.

Mom said...

You are motivated big time, James. Doing great with your running and making it a routine part of your life. : )

Annie said...

Awesome for Jen!

Well, Mike and I have tried running together once or twice, but I am too slow for him - - I blame it on him having longer legs! Ha! I can actually run much further than him and may have more endurance, but he definitely has better speed. Give Jen time, and maybe she will be able to run with you eventually. In the meantime, I think it's great that she has a running group!