Friday, May 20, 2011

A Decision

After Sunday's painful run, I took four days off of running to let my shins recover.  Along with it, I decided against wearing my orthotic for now.  Reasons being:

a) the pain.

b) the doctor never watched me walk or run to analyze the mechanics.

c) the problem (posterior heel pain) I went to him for has been resolved.

At this point, I am planning to find a good sports medicine physical therapist that can analyze my walking and running and provide guidance. 

Yesterday I was able to sneak in a short run between thunderstorms.  I'd hoped to get in three laps for a 2.25 mile run, but thunderclaps cut it down to 2 laps.    1.54 miles in 13:21.   Legs felt great too! 

On the family front, Jen took a week off from her own 5K training because she was getting shin pain herself.  In my opinion, she jumped from walking into run/walks and increased her distance too fast, which caused the problem.  I insisted suggested she take the week off and let the shins recover then start back with the walking group and see how it goes. Last night she met with the group and walked 2.5 miles and reported no pain.  Great Job! 

She really wants to run/walk the race as her first 5K (she's walked a few before, but not run any).  Who knows? Maybe she'll be running a marathon in the future!


Jen said...

ha ha!

Carly said...

Sorry about the pain. I had a similar experience with my orthotics.

Unknown said...

sounds like a good decision. best wishes!