Monday, February 15, 2010

Why O Why?

Yesterday I had a great day out with the family for Valentines Day. About midway through, I was itching to go running. When we got home, I told Jen I was going out for a run. She must have thought I was nuts. Freezing weather, possible ice, and in the dark. I just wanted to go. It was a good run, nothing too fast but when i was done and inside, I wished that I had done another 1/2 mile or so. This got me to thinking.

Why is it I'm so excited about running? Do I enjoy the pain that goes along with it, not really. Although when I'm running other things like my sinus troubles just melt away. I can only think of the struggle in my lungs and legs to keep going (but that's a good pain right?). Is it the fact that I'm doing something productive? Something that will get me in shape? Well yeah, I enjoy that. I'm tired of feeling sluggish all the time and the health benefits that go along with running are definitely a positive. Or is it that I'm trying to "recapture the glory days"? No, not really. I was never the top runner. I do miss the camaraderie that goes along with training on a team, but I'm definitely not in this for glory. Otherwise, I'd better pack my suitcase and hit the road. So what is it then?

I've come to the conclusion that when I'm running, weather it be a dead slow pace or a sprint, I love the feeling of being out there. In part, it has to do with my recent mobility issues. Five months ago, every day I woke up not knowing if I would be able to walk ok that day. Just knowing that I am running makes me feel 10 years younger. The joy I get from just being out on the road, going where I choose, when I choose to, and how fast I get there is liberating. It makes me feel like I can do anything, if only I persevere.

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Mom said...

Moving our bodies is what keeps us alive, so why don't I exercise more like my son!