Friday, February 26, 2010

Honeybuns, tea, and a diet on the mend

With this new lifestyle I'm trying to make, running and other exercise isn't the only thing I'm trying to change.  Food is another BIG issue I've had to tackle.  Growing up, I was addicted to three things; fast food, Dr. Pepper, and snack foods (think Little Debbie snacks).  About the last two - three years, I've been making a shift.  I rarely have Dr. Pepper.  Maybe once every few weeks.  I mainly drink water at home and tea when we go out. Even coffee has been limited to about 1-2 times a week.  Hot tea is my beverage of choice to wake me up now.  I love me some green tea or earl grey, or Darjeeling, or yerba mate, or........ the list could go on and on.  Now getting back to food, When I was working a pest control job,  I mostly ate on the road and became very accustom to 7-11 taquitoes and hot dogs. I've since given them up.  Lately, I'm working hard to eat a healthy lunch, something like a rice dish or noodles.  For dinner we, as a family, have been eating much healthier.  Our fridge is stocked full with fruits and veggies, and when we cook, it usually consists of something simple with healthy sides.  Jen's gotten on board with the health kick and has started working out to the Wii in the evenings.  Things are going well.

Now everything isn't peachy however.  I have two downfalls to my daily dietary dilemma.  First, I've started grabbing a honeybun in the mornings from my works vending machine.  I know, I know, bad James!  I generally don't eat breakfasts (yet another unhealthy choice), but lately I've been getting hungry on the way to work. so I started grabbing a honeybun.  These are on of the most devilish things.  Oh so yummy, but loaded with sugar and calories.  Yesterday I broke down and bought some Special K breakfast bars.  Lets hope I can avoid the temptation of the buns.  Second, late night cravings kill me.  Around 9-10 I start raiding the fridge looking for something to snack on.  It used to be a frozen pop, not terribly bad but full of sugars.  Then I started making a sandwich or something else substantial.  I'd wake up the next morning and have a food hangover.  Here lately, since we've got so much fruit around, I'm trying to eat some of it.  Last night I polished off the grape/cantaloupe/honey melon mix from two dinners ago.  

Compared to my diet three years ago, I'm a model of eatery fitness.  But compared to where I should be I've got a ways to go.  Now that Jen's jumped on board, and we're all eating healthier, I'm hoping we will continue to improve our health...... if only I can avoid those damn honeybuns!

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Mom said...

You gotta have a honeybun once in a while! Maybe every 2 weeks or so give yourself a treat. If you don't, you'll fall off your health wagon.