Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feeling like a hamster.

Yesterday I tried decided to workout on the treadmill.  The last time I recall using one was back in 2000 when I was working at MEMC.  My and my roommate John used to go over to the company gym after work to play basketball and workout.  As I remember it, trying to run on the treadmill was horrible compared to actually running.  I felt like my legs were slamming into the machine and trying to stay at the speed of the machine just didn't work.  I swore off treadmills then. However, yesterdays experience was great.  The machine was brand spanking new (as are almost all the machines there) and was very easy to use.  I ran a great 30 minutes, plus 5 minute cooldown.  Adjusting the speed and incline was a snap.  It even calculated my heart rate.  I will be back on the treadmill frequently, at least until the weather is better so I can run around the lake!  The only bad part was seeing my pace.  A 10 minute mile used to be easy.  Even four years ago, the last time I was in a running routine, I was running under 10 minutes pretty easily.  The damn machine said I was running at a 13 minute mile today.  Now that I've been at it around a month and feeling ok within running,  I'd better start working on my speed.

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Mom said...

Speed is less important than getting on the treadmill and running. You're doing great!