Thursday, February 18, 2010


Back in 7th grade I was really into cycling. I had a pastor (yeah at the time mom would drag me and my sister to church on Sundays) that was an avid biker and he got me interested. I had an old ten speed bike. You know, the kind with 1/2 inch wide tires and weighs about 100 lbs. It was nothing special but I loved to ride it. We lived about 1.5 miles from school and after taking the bus home, I would hop on the bike and ride back up to the school and all around. There wasn't much around, a school, a convenient store, and a church, that was about it, but I lived in the country and there were a ton of country roads to ride on. I even participated in a road race once. It was in a small national park (well technically it was considered a national recreational area.) and consisted of a bunch of up and down hills. I signed up to ride a 14 mile course, two 7 mile loops. I finished the first one great but the second time around I had to stop and walk up this long hill. I still consider it a success though. Well, to make a long story medium, I quit biking in 9th grade, not sure why, but I've always loved the feeling of freedom with biking. Jen and I have talked about getting us all bikes. Maybe we should do it this year.

SO why am I talking about bikes on a running blog? I've been riding the exercise bikes at the gym all this week and it's got me thinking about biking again. I do love running and want to primary focus on it, but biking can be so much fun, and without having to be a workout. Just a leisurely bike ride. The wind on you face. The thrill of coasting down a long hill. The fun of quick turns and speed take offs...... Yeah, I think we'll have to find bikes this spring.


Mom said...

Have you bought any bikes yet? That would be a great family thing to do, go biking together. The kids would love it! Remember when you were little we'd go biking?

Anonymous said...

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