Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Last night I ran with Fleet Feet again.  It was hot but not near as bad as last Thursday.  I started with a group running 2/1 intervals.  At the turn around, a near half mile loop, I broke off from the group and made a second loop before heading back.  I decided to drop from 2/1 down to 1:30/1 and speed up the running portion to get a little speed work in.  As I came to the end, I crossed paths with the group and Karen, the owner of the store, noticed I was over-pronating pretty bad. When I returned to the store, the others in the group agreed that I was over-pronating.

Last year, when I started running again, I started in an old pair (old as in time not use) of shoes that I'd been fit for because of over-pronating.  It shortly became apparent to me that those shoes weren't right and I hit up the local Road Runner Sports store to be tested.  I was told I have high arches and supinate.  I therefore bought a pair of shoes designed for supinators.  The felt much better and I unsed them for nearly all of 2010.  Come Christmas, Jen bought me my Mizuno's and they've felt great.  I trained for and ran a marathon in them. They've felt like a good fit.  Everything was well, until last night.

Now I need to re-evaluate my  shoes.  Yes, a couple of months ago, I tried some custom orthotics and had a bit of trouble with shin splints, but it cleared up after stopping them.  I wonder if the shoes I have are keeping my shins in a weaker state but not enough to cause noticable problems.  I guess it's time to be re-fitted and buy a new pair. 

I wonder..... if I've been running with ill-fitted shoes, will my speed and efficiency increase with better fitting shoes?  Hmmm...

On the eye front, I came to work this morning feeling the same as usually.  A bit blurry.  However, when I sat down at my desk, I noticed my left eye ghosting was gone!  It has come back a bit since then, but still. It was gone for awhile.  Progress.... slow, but progress non the less.

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Lisa said...

I'm experimenting with shoes and I think that the right shoes make a world of difference