Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Post Surgery Day Three – I Vant to Suck Your Blood

Day Three was about on par with Day Two but with different symptoms.  Day Two it was tearing, tearing, and more tearing.  Day Three was it was all about the light.  I couldn’t see much of anything and any bit of light was annoying.  I spent the entire day in the basement darkness, again, listening to movies.  I couldn’t even have the movie on dark without annoying my eyes. I ended up turning the projector completely off. Lights from my alarm clock and router were enough to bother me. 

My vision was basically the same as yesterday.  Very blurry and I could only keep my eyes open for about a minute.  Today has started off well.  The light isn’t so bad, although it still bothers me. My vision is clearing up.  I still have a lot of haze and blurriness but I’m able to make things out clearer.  I’d say I’m near where I was on Saturday.  Off to grab coffee and rest more.  Today’s goal is to spend some time upstairs watching tv.

I’ll “see you” tomorrow!

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Mom said...

Happy to hear you're doing better today, James! Looks like you've been through the worst and hopefully all up hill now. : )