Sunday, July 10, 2011

Post Surgery Day One -The Floodgates Have Opened

I woke up this morning to some minor burning/itching so right away I took a Percocet and Motrin.  My follow-up appointment was at 8:25 so not much time so ff we went.  After sitting there for about 15 minutes the doctor checked my vision and how my eyes were progressing.

I was at 20/25, very good for PRK surgery at this point in the recovery.  Typically, they expect around 20/40 the day after.  Sweet!!! 

Primarily, day one post-surgery consisted of tearing, catnaps, more tearing, movies, and more tearing.  Later in the day, I took a quick trip to Walmart with Jen and Connor, otherwise, I mostly stayed downstairs.  My vision seemed to fluctuate throughout the day. 

I would have put the days pain level at a 2 out of 10 until right before bed.  I had been laying there with my eyes closed and went to open them.  The left eye felt stuck together and I must have scratched something.  It hurt pretty bad!  maybe 5 out of 10.  I popped another Percocet and went to sleep right after the nighttime medicine drops.  Thankfully, I slept through the night and woke up without any pain.  Today and/or tomorrow are supposed to be the worse days, so far so good.  Wish me luck!

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Lisa said...

Best wishes for a continued good recovery