Thursday, July 7, 2011


Tomorrow morning I'm going under the gun, or laser in this case.  I've got everything squared away and ready to go.  Yes, I'm fairly nervous about it, but more anxious really.  I'm ready to get surgery over with and get started on the road to recovery.  The surgery I'm having (PRK) has a much slower recovery period than Lasik, so it will be slow going for a week or so, then gradually my vision will get better over the course of a couple of months as the eyes heal. 

Yesterday I got in a 2.5 mile run.  I basically did my normal 3 mile route at work, but instead of a figure * I just did a large rectangle around the parade field.  Who know that it would shave off half a mile!  Oh well, still a good run.  I've started back to intervals for my half-marathon training and did 2:1 yesterday.  I ended up finishing with a 10:16 pace even with walking 1out of every 3 minutes.  Not bad!  Well off to finish my last day of work before being off for nearly a week. I'll probably post here all about my recovery.

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Lisa said...

Best wishes for successful surgery and speedy recovery. I'm too chicken to have anyone mess with my eyes so I'll be dealing with poor eyesight forever