Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Last of the Mid-Day Running

First run since the surgery and it didn't go well.  First, my running has been far and few this entire summer.  Yeah, I've had some legitimate reasons for time off, but for the most part I've just been unmotivated to put much effort into running.  Second, it's hot as hell out.  As I type this, it's 94F outside. 

I really needed to get some running in, and with Jen going to Zumba tonight, it wasn't going to happen until late.  Therefore, I went out for an attempted four laps. I could only muster up the energy for two.  Little Miss Sunshine stole the rest. 

I'm ten weeks out from my first-ever half marathon and I'm behind.  One thing I haven't done since the fall is to run with Fleet Feet.  Over the winter it was just too cold and dark to run in the evenings with the group and by the spring I was focused on the marathon.  Afterwards, I put a pause on intervals and that's what the running group does.  Now, I think it will help with motivation to get back with them, not to mention running in the evenings will be cooler. 

Jen is getting hot and heavy into her Zumba so we have to coordinate with each other for evening exercise.  The kiddos are too young to be let by themselves.  I believe she said that starting this week, classes will be on Tuesdays.  Therefore, I'm planning to start running with the group on Thursdays.

On the eye front, the weekend was great.  Still some issues, but they weren't too noticeable.  Yesterday and today I'm having some ghosting issues in my left eye for up close.  I have a ghost image in about the 2 o'clock position.  Last week is was around the 11 o'clock position.  It's not too bad, but does affect my reading/writing ability a bit.  I'm hoping it will start fading out soon.



Jen said...

Boo to the bad run. Zumba is Tuesday this week and starting next week is Thursdays through August.

Kim said...

To be honest, if avoiding heat is your goal, it's best to run in the morning. It's still been hot at Fleet Feet, we've been bringing our intervals way down. But, most people still show. I'm totally cool with running in very cold weather, but not very hot.