Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Post Surgery Day Four – Ghosting

Today had really sucked.  I’ve discovered that most of my blurriness is due to something called ghosting. It’s where you see a second version of an object but faint.  Another term is double vision.  Well, I’ve got it, in both eyes.  Up close I can see decently, but anything more than a few feet out and it’s ghosted.  My vision hasn’t changed since Monday and it’s now Wednesday morning (day five).  I’m going to attempt to contact the doctor for his input.  The office I had surgery is closed on Wednesdays, but I think he works out of a different one on Wednesday.  From everything I’ve read,it could be due to a few things.  Inflammation of the eye, irregular regrowth of the epithelium layer, or astigmatism.  Given that I had pretty good vision on Saturdays followup, and my vision was decent through Saturday night, I’m hoping that it’s not astigmatism.  That would mean corrective glasses and hopefully a touchup surgery about 6 months down the road.  If it’s due to inflammation, it should correct it’s self once the inflammation goes down.  If it’s irregular regrowth, again it should correct itself, although it might take longer than the inflammation.  I’m hoping the Doctor can figure it out.  For now, I’m just feeling crappy.  I’m kinda freaked out by it.  My stomach has been queasy since last night when I realized what was going on.  I’m betting I’ll be taking a valium today.  Most likely I will not be going to work tomorrow or friday either.  I could be wrong.  I could wake up tomorrow and have clear vision, but with my luck it isn’t going to happen.  I foresee this playing out for at least the next several months.  Damn!


Jen said...

Boo....but I am glad that you have decided to call the dr!

Mom said...

I'm glad you did call the doc and found out more about what's going on. Hang in there, James. Things will get better. Our bodies take time with healing. Love you!