Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hot, Humid, and Hungry

Things have been going great lately.  Last weekend we took the kids camping for the first time on a peninsula at the beginning of the Chesapeake Bay. It was a good weekend with swimming, hiking, and good food.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get my long run in (the hike counts right?)  but a great weekend anyway.  

This last week was a rollercoaster with my eyes. Monday and Tuesday was fairly bad at up close things like the computer.  I struggled at work those days.  Wednesday started to show some clearing and by my one month follow-up I was able to read the chart at 20/15.  This sounds awesome, and it is up close, but anything after about 30-40 feet and there is some ghosting.  Still, I’m on track according to the doctor.  yah!

For running, I didn’t get anything in on Tuesday.  I’ve been feeling sluggish lately, and it most likely was some of the meds for my eyes.  The doctor adjusted it some and I seem to be getting my energy back some.  On Thursday I had a leisurely run with Fleet Feet.  1:1 intervals at a slow pace as me and the guy I was with were chatting like crazy.  I originally opted out of the run due to the sluggishness, but at the last minute I decided to pull into the parking lot instead of driving past to my house.  Score one for stick with it!

This morning I hit the NCR Trail, first time in about 9 months, for my scheduled 8 miles.  The temperature was in the 80s but humidity was horrid.  Plus the trail was packed!  I’ve never seen so many people on it before.  I did 1:30/1 and was shooting for about 12:15 pace. I ended up finishing in 1:35:05 for an 11:54 pace.  I was all over the place though.  First mile was almost 13 minutes, then slightly over 11 and back and forth.  Unfortunately my phone crapped out so I lost the data.  Oh well.  Still a good run.

Here’s a pic I took during a walk interval.


Now I’m showered and ready for a family BBQ this afternoon, hence the Hungry part of the title.

Catch ya later!


Kim said...

Great job on your run! The sluggishness can also be the heat - this time of year I feel sluggish but always seem to feel better in September / October.

GISrunner said...

I agree with Kim about the heat/humidity contributing to the sluggishness. Hope your eyesight continues to improve. I'd love to have my vision corrected someday as well & am enjoying your updates.