Monday, January 31, 2011

January Recap

January turned out to be a pretty great month for running.  I vamped up my marathon training and had a few noteworthy runs.  I did suffer from the flu which knocked me out of running a bit, and a couple of long run fumbles, but all in all January started off my running year with a bang.

Weight wise, I also had a great month.  I've made it below the 200 lb mark, and got down to 195 at the beginning of last week, however, with everything that went on last week, my weight went back up a couple of pounds.  Still, I'm lower than I was and have been feeling the effects of it!

January Totals:

Number of Runs - 9
Total Miles - 73
Time - 14:53:21
Average Pace - 12:15

February Running Goals. 

First and foremost, I want to continue my build up for the marathon.  There are only  four more long runs left before I begin tapering and I need to hit 22 miles at the end of the month. 

Second, I'd like to continue with my faster short run pace. I'm not looking to start speedwork yet, but a stead diet of 3-4 mile runs at sub 11 min/mile would be nice. 

Third, I want to continue loosing weight. I've made it below the 200 lb mark, but hit a speed bump last week with too much eating out.  A continued effort of watching what goes into my tummy is a must.

How was your January?


Lisa said...

you've had a great start to the year and good progress toward the marathon preparation. nicely done.

haven't tallied my january yet. seems like it's going to end on a sour note for me though. blah.

teacherwoman said...

Nice job with your running! Not too shabby, dude!

January was pretty decent considering having the flu and a cold. Good times, for sure!