Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Races

Like everyone else, I've been thinking about my 2011 races and trying to get a basic schedule.  Here's what I've come up with.

Shamrock Marathon - March.  I doubt I'll run a race before it.

Pikesville 5K - July.  This is right down the street and the course is one of my running groups routes

River Valley Run - August.  I ran this last year and it kicked my butt.  A very fun course though. 

Warrior Dash - June in PA, May in MD.  A rough and muddy 5K run with obsticles. 

Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon
- September.  Jen is getting into running and had a goal of running the Army 10 Miler with me this year.  We might change it up and do this as a romantic getaway.  I first mentioned doing the relay as a pre-race race for her but now we're considering both running the half.

Army 10 Miler - October.  A race that is personal to me in many ways.  I work for the Army, I used to work on the National Mall, where the course is, and I injured myself last year during the race.  I'd love a second chance to make it my little dogette. :)  Unfortunately, it's the week after Disney so that might be out.

What races are you considering this year?

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Lisa said...

if all goes well, there's a local half marathon in april that i'd like to run again.

i'm hoping to do one called the dirty half too...it's a trail race

that's all i've figured out so far