Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weeked Update with Dennis Mill... Wait that's not right!

Just to update, I'm still sick.  I thought it was getting better but today I'm been hacking away, stuffed up, and have the feeling a fever is setting in.  Thank goodness it's a recovery weekend plus I'm off on Monday.  I don't feel so bad about putting running on the back burner.

FYI, Connor's in the same boat as me.  He's dripping enough snout to fill a bathtub! 

On the good news side, we finally have a fully functional home theater room.  Took the old love seat upstairs for Salvation Army to come get next week, then went to Ikea and bought some new chairs. Tonight we're having movie night with the works (trivia slides, intro videos, coming attractions, cell phone off msg, animated shorts (ala. Pixar), countdown, and finally a feature attraction yet to be determined.

Along with it, pizza and popcorn!  Fun!

 Here's a preview of the seating.  Don't mind the stained carpet, it's coming up soon.


teacherwoman said...

Now that sounds like a fun room to have! Awesome!

Sorry to hear you have been sick. Feel better soon!

Nej said...

Those chairs are awesome!!

Adam said...

LOVE home theaters. Enjoy it!