Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekly Catchup

I'm back from my New York trip.  It was quick and boring.  Glad to be back.  Today is my units "Organizational Day".  Basically  a yearly party day.  I brought Connor with me and he's currently coloring and watching "Finding Nemo" on my new laptop. 

On the running front, I still haven't gotten back out there. My coughing is still present but much diminished and I'm feeling antsy to run.  I'll probably start with a couple of short runs (sub 2 miles) and see how I feel then go from there. Taking these few weeks off has sucked.  I've gained about 5 lbs and feel like a lazy bum.  Let this be the last health issue this year, please!

For some good news, Jen decided on her own to run the Susan G. Koman race for the cure here in Baltimore next month.  She even gathered some friends together and made a team!  I'll be on the sidelines watching the kids and taking pics for this one.

Also, Paige is signed up for a 4 race event. The first two races we have her, the second two her father has her.   She's going to end up running more races this year than I am! If only I could convince her to actually run when it's not a race!



Jen said...

She also has a race in school the end of the month!! 6 races in two months! LOL

Andrew Opala said...

Good for you, for helping out.

I found a site (personaltrainer.com) that you can challenge people to fitness goals. I've reviewed a few sites and this one has more dedicated stuff for workouts and fitness than other sites. Have you heard of it?

I think daily mile could be used as well, but I don't know how you could challenge people to working out as they don't give you many options for fitness challenges.

Stephany said...

Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog (link for your virtual non-race) and it seems you live somewhere near me in MD... so my question is- what races is Paige signed up for? My daughter is 6 and we do local fun runs - but that sounds kind of neat...

Thank you!

James said...

Hey Stephany, Paige is running the kids cross country running series from charm city runs. It had 4 races, today (oct 3rd is the third race) You can sign up for only the last one if interested.


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