Sunday, September 26, 2010

Paige’s Cross Country Race Number Two

Today Paige had her second race in a four part series of half mile runs.  Charm City Run hosts the event geared towards kids.  They break it down into small age groups (she’s in the 5-6 run)  and it’s a nice event.  The only complaint we’ve had is that they do not provide any post run refreshments, not even water.  How can a race NOT provide water after a run?  But regardless, it’s a fun time for all. 

Today, Paige learned a valuable lesson on practicing.  The first race she ran, she was last.  She ran alone and got distracted.  She didn’t even notice she was last, so it really didn’t bother her. This race, I ran with her, and she became keenly aware that she was in last place, by a far margin.  There were a few other kids that dropped the race, which made her feel better, but she was still very upset at how far behind she was.  We used the opportunity to teach her about the need to practice things. Referencing her ballet and school work as well.  I think it was a wake up to her that becoming a runner is tough work and you can not expect to do well in a race if you rarely ever practice.  We’re now planning a few runs this week and hopefully she’ll see a difference between today and next weeks race.  She also has a race at school this week, and I’m confident she’ll do better.  The kids in the race series are pretty competitive. 

Yesterday we went on another family hike.  We took five dollar footlongs (AKA Subway) and had a lunch break midway.  It was a fun time, but the kids did get hot and tired by the end of it. 

As for me, I’m starting to get anxious about the Army 10 Miler.  I really have not prepared myself near enough and it’s a month away now.  I’m confident I’ll be fine with completing it, but not near as prepared as I could have been.  I’ve decided to start running at lunch again, now that the weather has gotten cooler.  Running at lunch works really well for me and it’ll be nice to get back to that.

Now off to prepare for the work week!

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Unknown said...

Good job to Paige for following through with the run. I think some running practice will pay off for her. Hope she enjoys it!