Friday, September 24, 2010

Back from the Windy City

I'm back from Chicago where I was attending a conference (they called it a summit) on bed bugs.  It was a great few days.  I learned a lot on the cutting edge of bed bug research, management, and equipment; and made several new contacts.  The bad was I didn't take my running shoes, so I haven't run since Sunday.

This was the last trip on my schedule until March so things should start settling down from the summer.  Healthwise, things are going well.  I've been on gout meds for almost a week and no side effects.  Actually I feel like my toe joints are more flexible, although that's probably just my imagination.

On the agenda:
This weekend Paige has race #2 of her 4 race series in Annapolis.  The plan is that I will run with her and try to keep her from getting distracted.  She also has a fundraiser race at school next week.  Jen has the Susan G. Komen race on Oct. 3rd.  If we can get someone to watch Connor, I'll run it with her.  If not, I'll get pics from the finish line. 


Unknown said...

Have fun running!

The Boring Runner said...

I saw about that conference on tv.....while I was in a hotel room. blah