Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Round Two. Boo!

Well crossing my fingers and knocking on wood didn't work.  Saturday my left big toe started hurting a bit, not as bad as the previous attack, though.  I'm unsure if the 16 mile run triggered it, or if it was spending all of Saturday bending and crouching while staining our fence, as it was feeling fine Saturday morning.

Speaking of the fence, it took two of us over 15 hours to stain the entire fence.  Why so long you ask?  The required design is called board-on-board, or shadowbox, and it leaves all four sides of the wood exposed.  We had to bend and reach in between each board to ensure full coverage, quite a tasking effort.

On Sunday, after finishing the last 5 hours of the fence staining, we hit up The Avengers for Mother's Day.  It was an awesome flick.  A must see if you're into scifi/fantasy/comic books/etc.   And here's a hint.  Stay for the ENTIRE end credits.  There are TWO hidden scenes to view.   The last one was Connor's favorite part of the entire movie too!

But I digress (doesn't it sound so professional to use that phrase!),  my foot is still somewhat sore from "da gout".  I've started a heavy dosage regimen of Naproxen to try and knock it out for good.  I do not want it coming back after my next long run (hills), that is scheduled for this coming weekend.  I'll most likely give it until Thursday before getting in a short run.  I want as much of the inflammation gone as possible.  I want to normalize the situation as soon as possible so that I may resume my marathon training at full strength.

I think next time I'll hold of on saying that the attack is over.  :)

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