Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunset Loop

I had a great sunset run this evening on a new route.

Location:  Quarry Lake at Greenspring is a small residential and commercial site in Baltimore County, just east of Pikesville.  I’ve yet to identify if the quarry was created specifically for this community, or if the community was a result of beatifying the quarry. Regardless, the area has been built up into several condo buildings, single family homes, and a commercial area known as The Shops at Quarry Lake. Several nice restaurants and shops are there including California Tortilla (a favorite of mine), Starbucks, and The Fresh Market, among about 25 others.  Surrounding the lake is a nice paved pathway approximately 1.75 miles.  There is also a smaller pathway with seating along the overlook.

Route:  This afternoon, we stopped by California Tortilla and I noticed a few runners and walkers out.  Even though we frequent the shops on occasion, I’d never really though of it as a place to run, until today.  I surveyed the area and it looked like the pathway went completely around the lake.  The path contains a fairly significant incline/decline.  It starts low, then circles around an overlook and back.  Perfect for training for a long steady incline.  I’ve never seen a large amount of people on the pathway, so it’s not a fight like some of the other locations.  The scenery is beautiful.  Vegetation growth is filling in nicely and there were ducks and geese on the water. 

The Experience:  I didn’t make it back for my run until the evening.  I’d hoped I could get two laps in, but I could only get one in before dark.  I ran counter-clockwise, facing into the setting sun, and heading up hill.  I was going for a 2:1 run/walk.  Temperatures were cold, but not horrid, nice and crisp air.  When I reached the overlook, I took quite a few pictures.  The view was awesome.  I just missed the setting suns rays over the view, but it was still a sight to see. 

I was running with a fairly fast pace, especially along the backside with the long gradual downhill. This was only my second run in the GT-2160s and they felt much better this run.  No shin pain to be noticed.  I did end up with a few blisters along the inside heel.  The insert sits slightly higher than my old shoes causing rubbing further up the ankle.  Not a problem, just have to toughen up the skin right there.

Now for the photos. As before, I’ve uploaded all the photos to my Smugmug account, and have all of todays photos at Lake Quarry 10-30-11.  Here are a few highlights:

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