Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rudolph, Reflections, and Resolutions (AKA. December goals).

I signed up for a Christmas themed run.  The Rudolph 5K XC Run on December 18th.  This makes my 8th and final race of the year.  It's supposed to be an off road race through part of the Patapsco State Park so it should be a lot of fun.  I'm going into it without a time goal, just because I want to focus on the enjoyment and not on trying to PR.

November was sort of a dud for me running-wise.  I only ran a handful of times, and was mostly recovering from the hammy tendon pull, or heel pain.  December is another month, however, and I'm determined to pull of my goals.  Speaking of.... here they are!

1.  At the least run the mileage indicated on my marathon training plan.
2.  Walk at least .77 miles (1 loop at the lake) every day I'm at work.  On running days, I can skip the walk.
3.  Keep my caloric intake limited to roughly 1500 per day.  I will increase it as my mileage increases for marathon training.  I'm trying to shake myself out of the weightloss plateau, then adjust accordingly.
4,  Complete the Rudolph 5K XC Run.
5.  Have an awesome holidays while maintaining these goals. 

Now to decide if I'm going to run at lunch or wait and run with Fleet Feet tonight. 


Unknown said...

Run at Fleet Feet!

James said...

I'll be there tonight! :) I think I found a quicker route from work that will let me get there by 6 easily. As for this winter, my training will be going up to 5-6 mile week day runs so I don't know if fleet feet will work for that. I DO love going though!

Unknown said...

Best wishes with the goals!

Jen said...

ha ha ha ha ha....I want to see you maintain 1500 calories over the holidays!