Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christmas Gift

The Mrs. has been hounding me what I’d like for Christmas and I could use some input.  I’d originally thought about getting a Garmin Forerunner, but I really have no interest in using a GPS watch at the moment.  I like mapmyrun to find out how far I’ve run. I could use a newer watch though.  I’m using a Nike Triax Speed 50 that a dog got ahold of.  Some of the buttons are missing.  It has nearly all the functionality I want, except when doing intervals I have to hit a button for it to stop beeping at the changes.  Otherwise, it does what I need a watch to do. 

My question is, what are the better non-GPS watches out there? I’m looking in the $60-$80 range. 

Secondly, I need to pick something else as well.  I was thinking of a new pair of shoes, mine currently have about 225 miles, and by the end of my marathon, I’ll have put on another 400 miles (quite a bit passed the recommended life span).  I could also get a pair of trail shoes, and use them for part of my training.  I want to get some trail runs in next year so which should it be.  Trail shoes, or my normal running shoes?


Jen said...

HELP ME to not "hound" him anymore by picking out his Christmas present! Please!?!?

Paul said...

Shoes are always good.

But also, for marathon training..your going to need a hydration belt, no?

When you do a 20 mile training run you need to carry a bit of stuff with you

I have one with two bottles on the waist and some space for gels, cellphone etc. It's super comfy.

Think on it..


teacherwoman said...

I don't know much about watches, so I am no help in that department.

Maybe you need some winter running clothing? Just a thought.

Maybe you should ask for a new pair of running shoes, and a pair of trail shoes and alternate between the two, especially if you want to do some trail running next year!

Unknown said...

I don't run trails (besides the NCR), so I can't help you there. I don't know if trail shoes are better to have or not. But, like others have said you are going to need a lot of things.

It does sound like you need a watch. I'm a fan of the Timex Ironmans that use intervals. You can get them as cheap as $30, but sometimes the band needs to be replaced. I haven't had to replace mine, and I've used it for 3 years now.

You'll also need a fuel belt, and winter running clothes (which can really get expensive). Gloves, hat, etc.

GISrunner said...

I'll second the Timex Ironman. I have one with a heart rate monitor & love it. Winter running clothes are definitely a good idea. My husband gave me some last year for Christmas. Surprisingly, my favorite item out of all of those is the Nike gloves. They even have a key pocket in the palm. I wear them fall through spring because my hands stay cold.

The Boring Runner said...

I have no clue on the non GPS watches. Timex has a few that are supposed to be pretty good but I am not sure of the price. Polar does too.

If you run in a stability shoe, you could use them for light trails and be fine. Make sure that you don't have too many miles on your primary shoe first then collect other variations of those shoes.