Tuesday, November 2, 2010

And the Battle Continues

pizza-the-hut-spaceballs This week’s theme seems to be food.  A lot of people are posting about their efforts against their own food monsters. 

This week is tough. I’m attending the Armed Forces Pest Management Board committee meetings in DC this week and that means long drives, and getting home late.  Tonight I chose to pick up some Chinese food for dinner because Jen and the kids ate the leftovers from yesterday, and the house is pretty much bare. I grabbed a General Tso’s combo at a place down the street. I hadn’t been there before and when the food came, it was HUGE!!  Normally, I would stuff myself and eat almost all of it, but tonight I told myself that just because I had a huge amount of food, I didn’t have to stuff myself.

I ate less than half!!  I’m not stuffed, but not really full either.  Just satiated.  Inch by inch, I’m fighting my food monster.  Good luck with yours!


teacherwoman said...

Good luck, James!

Paul said...

Super! So now, next time you have a great fast run and feel good...remember the times that that you ate only half...

Then imagine how much faster and lighter you'll feel as you keep it up!

One Crazy Penguin said...

Way to fight that food monster!

Also, is it bad that when I see a picture of pizza the hut there's a part of my brain that goes yum? I guess I have quite a way before I beat my food monster too :p