Sunday, March 21, 2010

Running, Potatoes, and Pain

The race went quite well. Jen went with me and when we got there there were approximately 400 runners. The course fairly flat with some small hills, and was an out and back race.

Coming into the first mile I felt like I was being conservative, but I hit the mark about 10:02. Going strong, At about the 1.5 mile mark I had to stop and walk, and from then on it was run for awhile, walk a short bit and alternate. My 2 mile mark was 21:20, so fairly slower. When I came into the last stretch I picked it up and finished strong with an official time of 34:23. 37 seconds faster than my intended goal. I'll post some pics once Jen gets them to me.

After the race I had the usual water and bananas but to my surprise, Outback provided every runner with a chicken sandwich and baked potato! That was a nice treat.

As we were listening to the results and door prizes, I started noticing my left big toe feeling sore. This concerns me a lot because I've suffered from gout and no the tell-tale signs. So once we got home I took my meds. I hope it helps. I haven't had an attack since around October.

Related to this, I started a new blood pressure medicine yesterday and one of the side effects is increased uric acid. If this continues, I'm going to have to find yet another BP medicine. Now off to relax a bit then pick up Paige's new mattress.

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Annie said...

Keep up the regular exercise, improve your diet, and do some relaxation techniques. Then you may not need the BP medicine. You're too young to need it! Hope I don't have problems with that for a long time.