Friday, March 12, 2010


Today it is cold and wet out and I've been tired all week. Soooooo........ I didn't do a thing at lunch. Well, I did go grab a lunch, but no exercise. I plan to get some extended stretching in tonight, and more this weekend. Boy do I wish there was a free beginners yoga program in my area. Most places charge about $12 per session. Oh well, maybe I'll get Wii Yoga. :)

I've been reading other runner blogs and I find a lot of them make lists. Lists of accomplishments. Lists of failures. And lists of just random stuff. So here is a list of random running stuff for me.

1. Fastest 1/4 mile: 59 sec. Actually nearly all of my senior year meets were 59 sec. I just couldn't beat that no matter what I did.

2. Fastest 5K race: 20:21 Junior year Regional Finals. It was a great race and even though it was 16 years ago, I still remember it vividly.

3. Fastest 10K race: 60 min something sec. I got a random bug up my bum to run this, but really failed to prepare. I was about 20 years old, and not consistent about running at all. My sister rode a bike race for the same event (Lake Hefner something or other festival) The funny thing is..... I won my division!!!!! Granted I was nearly the only one in it, but still. Cool!

4. Longest distance ever run: 11 miles. Again, another random bug. I intended to run 3 miles, but something inside said to just keep going. I had to drive the course to find out, but I had estimated I ran 8. Good surprise!

5. Boring-est race ever: Houston Runway for Life (2002 or 2003). This was a 5K race around a 1/2 loop on a new runway at the Houston Airport. The only interesting thing was that planes were landing on the adjacent runway and flying about 50 feet above our heads. Otherwise, it was like running on a very large track....... In Southern Texas......... In the summer time.........HOT!

6. Lastly, favorite running movie: "Running Brave" About Billy Mills and his Olympic upset. Very motivational. Maybe I should re-watch it this weekend.

Enjoy the weekend!


Annie said...

Doing the Lake Hefner race together was so much fun, although neither of us were prepared. I wish we had done more races together. If I end up that way, we will for sure.

Mom said...

Keep in mind the Oklahoma City National Memorial Marathon sometime