Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Purpose, I Have One.

I am officially registered to run my first half-marathon.  This morning I slapped down the entire $40 for registration.  My wallet felt lighter (not that it's a steep entry fee) and my mind felt heavier (as I needed to decide on a training program.  I will be running the Hidden Treasures Half-Marathon on September 25th.  It's a small race, only about 140 finishers last year (inaugural).  This comes only two weeks before the Army 10 Miler too!

I've been debating the training and have settled on a combination of other programs that I like.  I'm going with a 12 week program, which started this week.  Other than training for the races, my goals for the training program are to successfully integrate both run/walking and full running as well as focus on some speed work.  I'm still planning it out in Excel, but once I've put the finishing touches on it, I'll post it here for accountability (Jen, I know you'll hold me to it!). 

It feels good having another training program to follow.  I only hope it goes smoother than the marathon training earlier this year.   


M said...

Woo hoo!!! Way to, literally, put your money where your mouth is :-) Or your feet, I guess - not so much the mouth. Enjoy training! Woot!

Jamoosh said...

Good for you! The Army Ten Miler will be a good warm up.