Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Walking Break

This week as been a non-run week. Instead, I've focused on walking.  Every day this week I've taken a lunchtime walk around the lake.  As of today, I've logged 9.4 miles walking just on my lunchtime.  Today, I maxed my lunch and walked a whopping 3.3 miles.  One might say I was nuts, out there in the heat of the day (today was 94F with a real feel of 102F), but it's actually quite enjoying to me.  I'm a heat addict.  I still run a small heater by me at night.  Yeah I know..... weird huh?

Running you ask?  Well I've definitely had it on my mind.  I imagine next week I'll get back to it.  I just wanted to clear my mind for a bit after having an orthotic induced case of shin splints.  The Pikesville 5K is coming up soon and I've got to get back into the swing of things.  It's a decent course and I'm hoping to PR it. This will be my first repeat race so I'm looking forward to blowing my previous time out of the water. 


M said...

A heater by your bed at night? That is hardcore. Way to go on the lunchtime walks!!!

Lisa said...

a heater at night?!?