Monday, June 6, 2011

I Haven't Run Since...

"I haven't run since..."

The dreadful words any running blogger hates to type.  In a sport where rest is a key component to a healthy well-balanced program, why is it so taboo to admit you're taking time off of running?  Is it a fear failure?  Or could it be your  embarrassed to admit a monkey wrench in your plans caused you to miss something? Who knows!  I'm sure its different for everyone, and each particular instance.  For me, at this particular instance, it's because I've just not been into running since the orthotics incident(link).

I ran Friday, short but decent.  Saturday was family day, Sunday I spent most of the day digging up the backyard to level it for a patio, and today, well, I got in a 1.55 mile walk, but I doubt I could have run anyway.  I'm sore from all the digging.  Running, however, has just not been a priority.  I can definitely see it too. 

Before and during marathon training, I was focused on running and loosing weight.  I did well. I dropped from about 218 down to 195 and plateaued.  after the marathon, I slowly started gaining again.  A little here, a little there.  I attributed it to stopping the long distance and the fact I had a bunch of work trips and eating out.  Well it's continued to the point I'm back up to 210.  Time to stop kidding myself that I slipped only slightly and focus on the pounds.  To begin with, I've got to get back on to my calorie tracking.  Yeah, it's not the best method, but it was really working for me.

Yet, I've had little interest in running lately and find myself struggling to get out there.  It's not that I'm burnt out.  Quite the contrary, I've taken several breaks from running lately, but my moxy is just on empty.  I think I need to focus on other pursuits for a bit and let the pot simmer. 

I don't plan to stop running or blogging, but to stop stressing about any of it.  Who knows, maybe this funk will lift next week and I'll be rearing to go.  For now, I'm just going to chill.

Besides running, what other ways do you escape and destress?


GISrunner said...

I definitely know what you mean about letting running fall lower down on the priority list. I finally had a good week last week & was able to fit 3 runs in, but then slept too late this morning which means today's scheduled 3 miles will be in the heat tonight.

- sigh -

I like your idea to just "chill" about it. I need to take a lesson from you!

Lisa said...

Running is my BEST way to destress, but i have other things that I like to do that help. Mostly I just need to keep busy and have something to do.

Annie said...

Mike is convinced based on what he's read that our weight problems are only 20% related to exercise and 80% what we eat. He is probably right. I have the hardest time getting toned up unless I also change my diet.

Maybe you just need to mix up the running w/ something else like biking or swimming. You could sign up to take some kind of class. Sometimes when you've paid for something, it makes you more motivated to go.

Aside from running, I escape and destress through #1 music - and taking a walk or lying outside while I listen to it; bike rides (when it's in working condition); yoga; hot baths; playing with dogs (when I have one); going to the bookstore or library and reading something simple and enjoyable; watching a funny show or stand-up comic...