Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Brisk Two Miles

Today was my first run since the marathon.  Now that I’m not in training for long distance, I want to work on some short and quick runs.  I decided to up my interval from the 1:15/1 that I was doing for the race to a brisk 3/1.  It was pretty hard maintaining the run that long between walks but still felt good.  The awesome part was that my pace ended up being a 9:40 pace. :)  I’ll probably try a timed mile at some point this week.  Provided the weather cooperates. 

In other news, I’ve got an appointment with my podiatrist on Thursday where I’ll be getting fitted for custom inserts.  Heel problems will be in the past!  Or so I hope.  :)


Jen said...

First time I have ever seen you out of breath running....good for a new runner to see. LOL!

James said...

yeah right! You've seen me out of breath many times. Just not in the last 5 months or so since I was training for the marathon. :) When will I start seeing you out of breath?