Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Looking to the Future

Five days out and I'm looking towards the future.  As a coping mechanism for dealing with my apprehension of the marathon, I've been giving a lot of thought towards my post marathon running.  My eyes are set on a two week post marathon 5K right now.  There are a few in the area that weekend, one of which was the first race I ran last year.  It'd be great to repeat the race and kick my previous times butt. 

Speaking of time, I've been pushing the envelope during some of my short runs.  Getting into sub 10 min miles while maintaining the run/walk method.  I've been considering changing back to full running for shorter distance while maintaining the run/walk for my long runs.  Most likely, I'll gradually extend out the running segment and phase out the walking for anything 5K or shorter. One thing that I do not get with the run/walks is getting into the "zone".  Constantly listening for the beep to stop or start keeps my mind focused on the run.

My strategic planning for this running season is to run a race about monthly.  Primarily I want to stick with shorter races throughout the summer with possibly a mid summer half marathon, then for the fall another half.

So yeah, my mind is moving forward this week, but I've also been thinking of my plan of attack on the marathon.  Given that I'm prone to start too fast in races, and this would be a horrible mistake with a marathon, I'm looking to start it dead slow and ease into it.  Building up to my target pace (which I haven't determined yet).  Apparently the course is nearly flat with only a small bridge that we cross twice ( 2 mile, and 10 mile marks).   Thankfully I did a ton of my running on the NCR Trail which is flat!  


bobbi said...

Wow! It's almost here! I'm so excited for you!

I agree with you about run/walking preventing you from getting into the "zone." The way I get around that now is by allowing myself to walk if I need to every time my mile lap beeps. It's not as regimented, but still helps keep me injury free, and I don't have to think about it so much.

Good luck to you!

James said...

I had been thinking of getting to the 1 min at every mile mark. I like your idea about walking if I need it.

Paul said...

Hi James,

You could also just walk when you want to..i.e. with no beeping...might make it more zone-able. e.g. uphills are always a good time.

Re pace: Remember the words of Walk Stack:

"Start slow...then taper off.."

My 2 cents: Just have fun with the race... Bring a camera and take lots of pictures and soak up the experience. Keep it really really slow and then have a good finish!

Kim said...

2 weeks after your marathon might be a little early for another race. Maybe do the marathon first and then see how you feel. After I did Disney 2010, I still wasn't really in running condition at all one week after, and I don't think I was really ready to race again for many weeks after.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Your race is this Sunday! My next one is this Saturday. WooHoo. I'll be thinking of you as I attempt to move on Sunday.

Remember to start out smart and then just enjoy the journey. Stay fueled and hydrated. Run Strong Run Smart!

Chelles said...

Loved this blog! Training blogs are the absolute best motivator for me.

Thanks so much for the comment!