Sunday, March 13, 2011

One More Week

It’s been awhile since I past post.  Sorry to keep everyone anxiously sitting at your computers just waiting for a post from you favorite runner.  lol.

I have one week to go before my first marathon and I’m nervous/anxious/intimidated/uncertain/excited/happy for it to get here.  The last couple of weeks with training have been ok, but I feel I’m somewhat unprepared for the distance.  My longest long-run was only 18 miles, and with a pulling my hamstring 2/3rds of the way through training, I didn’t log the mileage I should have.  However, I do feel that I’m ready to complete the distance, but unsure of what time goal to have.  I’m still giving it some consideration before public stating what time I hope to make.  My basic goal is to just finish the race. 

Work has been hectic.  I had a work trip last week, and leave this Thursday to begin another (I choose the Shamrock Marathon because it was where my work trip is).  This next week will be tough, and not just because of the race.  Here is my schedule.  Mon, Tues are normal work days. Wed I am off for my every other week, day off.  Thursday is a travel day.  Friday I’ll be in a workshop (Jen and Connor will drive down this date).  Saturday I’m presenting in said workshop and hitting up the expo. Sunday is RACE DAY! (Jen and Connor go home).  Monday I’m presenting again.  Tuesday-Friday is the rest of the conference and home.  By Friday of next week I should be ready to crash!   

I’m behind on reading blogs and other things in life. Once I’m back from the conference it’s time to get back to normal. 

Sigh, deciding, training for, and running a marathon was a huge decision. I’m glad I did, but will be glad when it’s over and I can run for the sake of running again!

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Kim said...

I'd go the no time goal route and just plan to finish. Good luck with your race!!!