Thursday, July 1, 2010

Clean Slate

With last months craptaster regarding running, I've been thinking about why running took a back burner to things.  I haven't done a race since early May and since my next scheduled race wasn't until October, there wasn't any point to push myself.  I've decided to run another 5K (or 2) to boost my motivation.  The timing was perfect because on July 11th, there is a local race down the street from my house, and to top it off, the route follows one of my groups evening routes!  It's the Pikesville 5K.   Now only a little over a week to freshen up. Time to crush some concrete.


Jen said...

Clean slate for many things.

Love you babe.

Lisa said...

sounds like the perfect event to kick your motivation into place

Annie said...

Tried to run 4 miles on the treadmill yesterday, but was very stiff and gave up at 2 miles. :( Need to get back up there.

Do you monitor your heart rate when you run? You may want to start doing so given various health concerns. Take good care of yourself. I miss you!