Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Running Partner

Last night I ran with a new partner.  She's my 1 year old Boston Terrier/Lhasa Apso mix named Fala.  I didn't think she would make a good running partner because she's generally so skiddish when out and about, but she took to it like a, um, dog to water.   We did a 2/1 run/walk around the neighborhood and she didn't try to stop but only a couple of times.  We went 2.58 miles, and at a fairly quick pace (11:32 per mile total, even with walking 1/3rd of the time.)  It was so funny, during the running portions, she mostly stayed behind me and I had to slow down sometimes, but during the walking portions, she'd jump to the front and was practically dragging me! 

Fala is a loving dog, but she's had some behavioral issues lately.  Clawing at her gate, not coming when called, jumping up on Connor to lick him, and just a bunch of tomfoolery.  It's been suggested that she isn't getting enough exercise so I decided what better way than to drag her along with me on runs.  Not only does it motivate me to run more, but hopefully will help her expel her abundance of energy.  Who knows, maybe some of that excess energy will rub off on me!

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Anonymous said...

See? This is why I want a puppy! ... but then I remember the other 6548 reasons why I don't want a puppy... Glad you had fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Just saw your comment ... no on the Pikesville 5k. I haven't done nearly as many 5ks this year as I would have liked (only one!). I think this year I'm focusing on distance with the marathon training and all, but next year I figure I'll switch that focus to speed. You'll probably see me at a lot more 5ks then! I hope you and your group have a good time - stay cool!

Lisa said...

Best wishes with that.

I can only run with one of my dogs(and short distances only) but I've been walking them a lot and it helps their behavior overall. It will probably help your dog too!

teacherwoman said...

Sounds like a great way to work out some of her behaviors with a run. I know I feel better after running, maybe she does too! :)