Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tomorrow’s race Goals

Tomorrow I have the Pikesville 5K.  I’m pretty excited  excited about this race.  Not because it’s so glamorous, but because I’m confident I’ll PR.  Not to mention it’s a course I’m familiar with, only 5 minutes from the house, and I’ll actually know people running it.  I’ve been giving it a lot of thought regarding my goals so here they are:


1.  Finish the race.  This should be no problem.

2.  Run the course as a 3/1 run walk without any additional breaks.  Again, this should be no problem

3.  PR the race.  I’m pretty confident I can do this, I need to break 33:06.  That’s slightly over an 11 min/mile.  Most of my long runs were averaging under 11 min/mile.

4.  Break 31:00.  This is my pie in the sky goal.  It’s where I’m striving to get to in running. To be below the 10 min/mile mark. 


Strategy:  Given that my last two 5K’s I ended up tanking the last legs, I need to start off slow and steady.  The last few weeks, all of my runs have been run/walks, and I plan to start off that way, but I’m not intending to finish it out as a run/walk.  I’m choosing 3/1 as my starting point, and after I hit the first mile, I’ll probably adjust to a 4/1 and the last mile just run it.  Now off to enjoy the rest of my Saturday and rest for tomorrow.  Happy weekend and good luck those of you racing!

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Lisa said...

best wishes! have fun!