Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June: What A Bust!

It's the last day of June and this month just flew by.  After having a great month in May, June has come off rather crappy running-wise.  I plan a 3 miler tonight, but wanted to get the review done and put June behind me.

Looking at my calendar for June, there really isn't much to say about the running other than there was considerably less than last month, and most of those were either pain ridden or just lackluster runs.  On the plus side, I did do a lot of walking this month.

It was a very busy month.  I had vacation, a field pest survey, and emergency trip to Oklahoma for my Grandma's funeral.  Sometimes it's easy for life to get in the way of things and June just happened to be chock full of it.

June stats (minus tonight):
Number of runs: 9
Longest run: 8 miles
Total miles: 30.2
Number of blogs: 10

Travel catchup:
Last week I was supposed to have spent the week collecting ticks, larviciding mosquitoes, and killing wasps in preparation for the Boy Scout National Jamboree at the end of June.  With the news of my Grandma, it was cut short.  The 3 days I was there went well.  We did a ton of treatments, and feel pretty confident that things will go smooth, pest-wise, for the Jamobree.  On thursday Jen, Connor, and I flew into Oklahoma City and stayed with my parents and sister (she's still on vacation from the FL trip).  It was a great trip, other than the fact we were there for a funeral.  My sister and I had a nice run together, and I got a second run in on Monday morning.  We got the chance to see family I haven't seen in years, and Connor got to play with his cousins (Lily and Miles).  Unfortunately Paige wasn't with us.  It was her father's week, and frankly, we couldn't afford another impromptu plane ticket for her.  We made it home LATE Monday night, and I had an EARLY pest survey in DC yesterday morning.  Today I'm finally feeling like things are back to normal, and now it's time to plan out July, catch up on everyone's blogs, and get my run on!  Here's hoping for a great month!


Lisa said...

It happens. good training months, then not so good. But tomorrow is a new day and a new month. Time to start fresh. :-)

Annie said...

I fly back today. I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine, especially with my running,but I dread leaving family.

It was nice to see you all again, even though it was not under the best circumstances.

Give Paige and Connor a big huge from me.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! And hey, you're just in time for July - a fresh slate. :)