Friday, June 15, 2012

Dammit Gym, I'm a Runner not a Doctor.

Today was supposed to be a gym workout at lunch with my coworker.  She got held up with getting a new ID badge all morning, and by 12:00, she was still waiting, so she said to go without.her. Therefore, I headed that way. 

I thought it was odd that I was able to get a parking spot up front, but didn't think much about it, until I walked in.  They were closing in 15 minutes for "Organization Day".  For those not familiar, "Org Day", as it is typically referred to as, is basically like a company picnic.  Each unit gets to have one per year.  Today just happened to be Org Day for the group that runs the gym (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation). 

Without a partner, and without a gym, I elected to get two laps around the lake in.  It turned out to be a decent workout.  I ran 1.5 miles, with stops every 1/4 - 1/3 mile for some crunches or such.  Not near as good as the gym would have been, but I wanted to keep with the ab work.

Now to finish out the day, then I'm in Ohio all next week for work.   

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Jen said...

Crunches in goose poop!!! FUN!